Places in Portuguese Portuguese speaker countries have a large variety of tourist attractions that most people want to visit.

Monuments, Historical buildings, Museums, Cathedrals and churches are sonly some of the many places that you can visit once you are in for example Brazil and Portugal.

Learning the most common word related to Places in Portuguese language is definitely always a good idea because it will be helpful if you want to make a tour around the cities, or when you feel lost and you do not know where to go, so this section offers useful information about vocabulary related to Places in Portuguese language.

Portuguese Vocabulary for Places

English Portuguese
museum museu
bank banco
police station delegacia de polícia
hospital hospital
pharmacy, drugstore farmácia
store, shop loja
restaurant restaurante
church igreja
restrooms banheiro
beach praia
street rua
swimming pool piscina
movie theater /cinema cinema
airport aeroporto
library biblioteca
bookstore livraria
stadium estádio
gas station posto de gasolina

  • go to church!
  • ir à igreja!

  • I will go to the cinema with my girlfriend tomorrow
  • Eu vou ao cinema com minha namorada amanhã

  • my mom works at the museum
  • minha mãe trabalha no museu

  • we go to eat at restaurant
  • Vamos comer no restaurante

  • I will go to study to the library
  • Eu vou estudar para a biblioteca

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